Reno City Championships

Some events may be combined. First round loser consolation matches. Junior players may enter with the Tournament Director's approval. You many enter no more than two divisions.

By entering this tournament, I hereby expressly release, discharge, and hold harmless from any liability whatsoever Reno Tennis Center, its affiliates, owners, officers and their representatives, whether salaried or voluntary, expressly including, but not limited to volunters thereof while participating in this tournament. I certify that I am familiar with the contents of this release, that I have read and understand the same, and that it is my intention by signing into this tournament that this release be binding not only upon me, but my heirs, administrators, executors, successors, and assignees. I understand, and agree to the terms stated.

Mixed 7.0 Doubles
Mixed 8.0 Doubles
Mixed 9.0 + Doubles
Men's 3.5 Doubles
Men's 3.5 Singles
Men's 4.0 Doubles
Men's 4.0 Singles
Men's 4.5 + Doubles
Men's 5.0 Singles
Women's 3.5 Doubles
Women's 3.5 Singles
Women's 4.0 Doubles
Women's 4.5 + Doubles

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